STEM Policy Contributions

National Science & Technology Council (NSTC) Committee on Technology, National R&D Plan for Aviation Safety, Security, Efficiency & Environmental Compatibility
Led the interagency team primarily responsible for the development, preparation and coordination of the National Science and Technology Council’s (NSTC) National R&D Plan for Aviation Safety, Security, Efficiency & Environmental Compatibility – the FAA, NASA & DOD joint-plan to implement then $1.3B FY01 R&D investment recommendations of former President Clinton’s 1997 Commission on Aviation Safety & Security, chaired by former Vice President Albert Gore. Former U.S. Transportation Secretary Rodney E. Slater at the “Aviation in the 21st Century – Beyond Open Skies Ministerial” in Chicago, Illinois launched this plan on December 5-7, 1999.

NSTC Committee on Technology, Wire Systems Safety Interagency Working Group
Served as co-chair of the NSTC Committee on Technology Wire Systems Safety Interagency Working Group, which resulted in the White House policy document, Review of Federal Programs for Wire Systems Safety, aimed to benchmark agency efforts to optimize Federal R&D leading to a national strategy for wire system safety in response to the Gore Commission on Aviation Safety & Security.

Our Solutions
Growth and propagation of stall and inefficiency of macroeconomic markets; advances in private wealth portfolio investments, and public-private partnership management; nonlinear multi-objective mathematical optimization, risk and decision analysis; interdisciplinary design synthesis and vibration control of mechanical and structural systems; large-scale building systems design and analysis – why buildings stand up and fall down; aeromechanics and control of dynamic flow instabilities in air- breathing propulsion systems; computer-aided turbomachinery science; advanced computer modeling of complex multi-physics phenomena; unsteady compressible viscous fluid-structure dynamics.
Here’s what we will bring to the table: University of Chicago Economics in Risk Analysis, University of Cambridge Department of Engineering Whittle Laboratory and MIT Gas Turbine Laboratory Training.
​Since 1997, we have provided professional consulting services to clients in the public and private sectors, including The White House, USDOT, NASA, US Air Force, UNCF, and higher education institutions, like Ohio State, Georgia Tech, MIT, and Howard University.

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  1. Oliver, I met you when I was NTA president and you were leading the band at OSU. I have published STEM News for several years to educators and professional and I would like to include in a future issue a short (couple paragraphs) on what you feel are major challenges to getting more Black youth into STEM career paths.

    let me have an e-mail address so I can send the newsletter

    Larry King,

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