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Partnership Possibilities for America guide, develop, and build  social, technological, educational, economic, and political (STEEP) capacity of communities, people, ideas, and things for philanthropy that will be accessible to everyone working across government, university, and industry partnerships.

We will increase the quality of life for all generations. We will be able to increase STEEP services to the American people. We envision a more abled-citizenry, who is engaged in the common desire to create a good life and a good society.

Partnership Possibilities for America, with its focused expertise and thought leadership, serves all by fostering greater public awareness, appreciation, advocacy and advancement of social, technological, educational, economic and political (STEEP) capacity of people, ideas, and things for philanthropy working across government, university, and industry partnerships.

United States Capitol

United States Capitol

Partnership Core Values

Making a Difference

We have a profound privilege of causing transformation of our stakeholders as global leaders, transformation of our partners as conversation leaders and knowledge producers, transformation of our staff as facilitators of quality service, and transformation of government, universities, industry, and philanthropy, as builders of society, shaping humanity, and advancing our world.

Self-Expression and Generosity

America is an exceptional, historical place of fundamental freedoms founded upon efficient economic and sound intellectual thought; giving of itself abundantly in duty and service to community and the world, and to people from all walks of life.

Creation of Knowledge

We generate potential from promise itself, affecting society today.

We respect a longstanding legacy of shaping thought in America with the ultimate purpose in developing future leaders for a global service and citizenry through the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Responsibility and Accountability

We are a leadership community with an inherent responsibility and unconditional accountability to ensure the potential and promise, and ultimately, the success of our stakeholders, their partners, and their organizations.

We assure the success of dedicated institutions (families, churches, schools, governments, corporations, and charities) at work together building a strong America.

Integrity and Trust

We are a whole and complete organization of duty and quality service in creating partnership possibilities that are authentic in our purpose to accomplish with integrity our intellectual mission.

We aim to function consistent with our values of freedom, responsibility, generosity, and creativity.

We promise to aptly manage the trust in service to our stakeholders and partners, working hard for their organizations, institutions, and governance, for the benefit of society, humanity, and the world.

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School

Partnership Solutions

“We are working at the forefront of shaping innovation and service in the national interest.

We aim to create new knowledge and provide partnership solutions that produce extraordinary learning and results, not only for our stakeholders and constituencies, but also for institutions acting for the ascent of humankind.

These are the core values shaping deeply what I believe and espouse in creating partnership possibilities for a strong America.”

– Dr. Oliver McGee

Harvard University

Harvard University

Possibilities for America

“The reason I decided to establish Partnership Possibilities for America is my belief that the most breathtaking possibilities that society faces today and will face tomorrow are completely realized in low-cost energy and power, affordable health and housing, bolster infrastructures and systems, and unrestricted markets and security.

People from all walks of life will see that such possibilities will be powered along the frontiers of partnerships.

We are committed to equipping our clients with these intellectual tools and problem-solving and leadership skills needed for understanding trends and making choices in our rapidly changing, risky and uncertain world.”

– Dr. Oliver McGee

DISCLAIMER: No activities of Partnership Possibilities for America should be construed as involving the use of any university resources or imply any university endorsement.

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