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Partnership Goals

Partnership Possibilities for America accomplishes its mission by addressing the multiple challenges we face inside the social, technological, educational, economic, and political (STEEP) controls that shape capacity of partnerships across government, university, industry and philanthropy. The mission is carried out in five (5) specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely ways:

MIT Dome, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Mass.

MIT Dome, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass.

  1. By providing gifts to institutions and grants to not-for-profit organizations;
  2. By creating our own STEEP capacity-building programs;
  3. By providing support services, technical assistance, and consultation of building STEEP capacity of partnerships across government, university, industry and philanthropy;
  4. By advocating a greater role for facilitation and enhancement of communications, social media, and emerging community-based mobilization technologies for STEEP capacity-building of government, university, industry and philanthropy partnerships;
  5. By developing mediation and negotiation practices performed daily across institutional partnerships, working towards achieving joint-value attainment among various competitive and cooperative goals, via mathematical models we developed, subject to various competitive and cooperative restrictions on financial and human resources, energy consumption, national income, savings and investments, minimum losses to consumers, savers, and investors, and maximum health, education and welfare.

DISCLAIMER: No activities of Partnership Possibilities for America should be construed as involving the use of any university resources or imply any university endorsement.

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