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Partnership Need

Not everyone has access to partnership possibilities in America. Such possibilities are indeed limited in some communities. So we need to build more capacity of philanthropic partnerships working across government, universities, and industry.

This will better secure the possibilities of making a difference for those folks falling through the cracks caused by the social, technological, educational, economic, and political (STEEP) forces that are rapidly changing communities in a more risky and uncertain world.

Partnership Possibilities for America, in meeting this capacity-building need, is invested in STEEP giving forward, for the next generation and the generation after-that, in shaping how America reaches towards its future – On Getting to 2076! America’s Tercentennial.

Partnership Possibilities for America - Mission

Partnership Possibilities for America – Mission

We do this with imagination, ideas and innovation. We focus on building individual and institutional capacity in Making a Difference with Integrity and Trust. Through Self-Expression and Generosity, we enable others productively in the Creation of Knowledge and Partnership Solutions that provide clearer Possibilities for America.

We offer tools and techniques to transform the capacity of institutions of families, churches, universities, governments, industries, and philanthropy with Responsibility and Accountability for an extraordinary nation, making choices in a rapidly changing, risky and uncertain world.

DISCLAIMER: No activities of Partnership Possibilities for America should be construed as involving the use of any university resources or imply any university endorsement.

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