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All of the highest-paying government jobs in 2014 require job seekers to have an advanced college degree, according to a new ranking from the portal Government jobs come with a wealth of fringe benefits, health and life insurance packages, social security and investment programs, and an enormous amount of federal holidays annually.

So, here are the 10 best-paying government jobs to look out for in 2014, as ranked by

Anyone considering a job with the government that offers the best options and a high salary might want to consider one of these Top 10 best-paid government jobs. They may be virtually impossible to get.

However, if you want to know who received the highest amounts (percentages shown in parenthesis) of the collective $2,081,700 of annual pay in 2014 to the highest paying official positions in the United States government, well here goes:

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1. President of the United States (POTUS) – $400,000 (17%)

Loaded with fringe benefits, the job comes with a house with a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a basketball court, a Camp David cabin getaway, several cars and vans, two Boeing 747 airplanes, a Marine One helicopter on the lawn, a staff in the hundreds, fully-stocked refrigerators and freezers, a winery, a personal chef, a protocol chief, a social manager, and even a designer wardrobe of Brooks Brothers suits, to name a few amenities. The president even used to have a yacht on the Washington Potomac, until President Carter sold it as a cost-savings measure.

Personally selected by the people, the president has three authorities: the power to sign, the power to appoint, and the power to persuade. We The People retain our power to praise and reserve our right complain.

The president’s job includes running the country, overseeing the military and even appointing the vast majority of jobs on this list.

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2. United States Postmaster General – $245,000 (11%)

The Postmaster General precedes the United States Constitution. Appointed from the United States Postal Service, after an extremely strict background check, the person may hold the job for up to 8 years. Responsibilities include oversight of the United States Postal Service in its delivery of the mail through rain, sleet, snow, war, or national emergency. The General also oversees postal regulations, and sets the postal delivery rates. As a government-run enterprise, postal service employees are exempt from working all federal holidays, as well as Sundays.

3. Vice President of the United States (VPOTUS) – $227,000 (10%)

Because the postmaster general originates with the first colonial post-rider on horseback, its stature in pay is higher in the protocol of best-paid public careers, compared to the pay of the Vice President of the United States, the second in command of the executive branch.

The Vice President is responsible for representing the country and aiding the President in all constitutional duties of care, loyalty, and trust, both domestic and foreign. Primarily serving as president of the United States Senate, the vice president casts the deciding vote only in instances of politically extreme Congressional gridlock.

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4. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives – $223,000 (10%)

The job holder in this seat typically stays in it an average of 4-8 years. As third in succession to the president and the vice president, the Speaker of the House is not required to be a member of the House of Representatives. Theoretically speaking, the Speaker of the House can hold the seat for life. No Speaker has ever been named to the seat that was not a member of the House of Representatives. This Washington power broker is required to speak for the House, and to set the agenda for the House in the majority’s advocacy, as well as, the minority’s interests – although the latter is oftentimes difficult to do.

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5. Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff – $220,000 (10%)

Appointed by the President of the United States, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff serves for up to 8 years, as the chief operating commander of the United States Armed Forces, behind the final authority and decision of the President of the United States, as the executive commander-in-chief. The chairman oversees a governing board that comprises highest officials from each branch of the military – the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

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6. Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court – $217,000 (9%)

As a lifetime holder of this job, the Chief Justice leads the other eight justices of the United States Supreme Court. This oftentimes calls upon the Chief Justice to cast the deciding tie-breaking vote on contentious issues of legal jurisprudence and constitutional law. The Chief Justice is charged with lifetime oversight of the judicial branch of government. Such oversight includes crafting complex judicial decisions and opinions, becoming new sources of law, adjudicating from legal disputes among citizens of this country. The Chief Justice also serves as the “public face” of the court, oftentimes as spokesperson. Primary responsibilities also include deciding the agenda of what gets heard by the court in session between October and June.

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7. Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors – $199,700 (9%)

Typically holding the post for an average of 14-28 years, this job possesses a vast amount of job security. The Chair of the Federal Reserve requires a person with a head for lots of dollars and common sense. A applicant for this role must also possess a political astuteness and savvy to stay afloat, while keeping atop the double-speak on how the fiscal debt of the government really works in crafting fiscal policy. Working closely with the Treasury Secretary and the President, the Federal Reserve Chair is the monetary head of the United States Banking System, setting federal interest rates and supply of money, both domestically and internationally. Most of all, the Federal Reserve Chair is the “lender of last-resort” for liquidity needs during extreme moments of national emergency and disaster recovery.

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8. United States Senate Majority Leader – $193,000 (8%)

This contemporary Washington power broker, like the Speaker of the House, serves as the voice of the United States Senate. The majority leader sets the agenda for the Senate in the interest of the majority party in communication with the House of Representatives. Largely a contemporaneous position, emerging only in the latter part of the last century, the Senate majority leader has enormous rule-making powers of policy-making, procedure and protocols in establishing what laws actually make it to the Senate floor for vote. Politically, because the election cycle places on a rolling basis about a third of the Senate in constant campaign mode, the Senate majority leader role lacks job security, generally lasting on average 4 to 8 years.

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9. Secretary of the Treasury – $191,000 (8%)

The Treasury Secretary is appointed by the President to run the nation’s economic and fiscal affairs, the government’s revenue collection, and the protection detail, known as the United States Secret Service, for the President, the First Lady, the Vice President, the Second Lady, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Attorney General, to name a few highest-level government officials.

Serving for about 4-8 years, the Treasury Secretary is specifically responsible for tax policies, fiscal policies, international finances, domestic finances, and the formulation and management of the public debt.

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10. Secretary of State – $186,000 (8%)

Appointed by the President of the United States to serve for about 4-8 years, and ranking fourth in the line of succession to the presidency, the Secretary of State is the government’s highest ranking official on diplomacy and international protocol. The role calls for a most stringent background check on candidates with impeccable credentials, and a most stellar resume chronicling global experiences. The position requires one to oversee all state department operations as well as the CIA and foreign US embassies.

For job seekers looking to devote themselves to a career in public service like I have consider this closing inspirational thought,

If one is in a position to counsel, advise, supervise, and guide the work of other people in one’s office, one does not attempt to dictate. Instead, one directs.”

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