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Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, Registration Number 9M-MRO (tail section shown left) is reported by Malaysia Airlines as the missing aircraft of Flight 370. Shown full above is Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, Registration Number 9M-MRL (cf. “Boeing 777 airplanes do not vanish or fall out of the sky” on March 11, 2014, Photo Courtesy of Steve Richardson, Aviation Analyst at


United States Navy has speculative doubts about much of the MH370 oceanic corridor search area of focus by the international MH370 recovery effort, and is requesting a reanalysis of all data used to direct the international search, according to CNN. U.S. Navy commander says, expanding search is “going from a chess board to a football field.” U.S. official says, “probably a significant likelihood” plane is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “the latest technical reviews, generally supporting previous calculations [are] the result [which] is likely to fall short of public expectations … the experts have not made major revisions to what they consider the most promising areas to look for wreckage deep under the Indian Ocean about 1,000 miles, or 1,600 kilometers, west of Australia.”

The Wall Street Journal reports investigators had promised to step back, reassess “all of the data that has been gathered,” and determine “if the analysis is right, and the deductions and conclusions are right,” according to Angus Houston, the former Australian defense minister who is coordinating the search.

“Malaysian defense chief Hishammuddin Hussein had vowed to re-examine all the technical analysis by experts,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

Malaysian Official Confidential MH370 Preliminary Report

Public outcry for more accurate official information and credible updates on MH370, mysteriously lost on March 8, 2014, has compelled the Office of the Chief Inspector of Air Accidents Ministry of Transport Malaysia to finally officially release on May 1, 2014, their April 8, 2014 confidential MH370 preliminary report.

This official public document contains MH370’s:

  • cargo manifest and airway bill (which remarkably includes 2453 kilograms (5408 pounds) of lithium-ion batteries)
  • passengers list
  • Australian, Malaysian, and Chinese Senior Ministers Tripartite May 5, 2014 Meeting Communique
  • Boeing 777-200 operating as MH370 projected flight-path on March 8, 2014
  • timeline and flight action summaries between MH370 cockpit and air traffic control
  • Malaysia Airlines’s official response, having special knowledge of time and place, as of April 8, 2014

Bottom-line Takeaway: Safety Recommendations

For easy-viewing by the public on wireless-mobile app-devices of LinkedIn Pulse ‘thought-media’, here’s the main takeaway point of the MH370 preliminary report by Malaysian officials:

While the aircraft had the necessary communication equipment to provide information on its location, the last ACARS message occurred at 1:07:29 MYT, the last secondary radar detection at 1:21:13 MYT and the last satellite communication at 08:19 MYT on March 8th. Over a month after the aircraft departed Kuala Lumpur International Airport, its location is still unknown.

While commercial air transport aircraft spend considerable amounts of time operating over remote areas, there is currently no requirement for real-time tracking of these aircraft. There have now been two occasions [Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and Air France flight 447] during the last five years when large commercial air transport aircraft have gone missing and their last position was not accurately known. This uncertainty resulted in significant difficulty in locating the aircraft in a timely manner. Therefore, the Malaysian Air Accident Investigation Bureau makes the following safety recommendation to ICAO:

It is recommended that the International Civil Aviation Organization examine the safety benefits of introducing a standard for real-time tracking of commercial air transport aircraft.” — The Chief Inspector of Air Accidents, Ministry of Transport, Malaysia, April 9, 2014

mh370_secret_report_02mh370_secret_report_03mh370_secret_report_04mh370_secret_report_05Malaysian Transport Ministry’s Official Projections MH370 Flight Path

Below are Malaysian Transport Ministry’s Official Projections of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 headed to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, locally at 12:41 am Saturday (Friday afternoon ET), March 8, 2014, as air traffic controllers in Subang, outside Kuala Lumpur, lost contact with the Boeing 777-200 plane over the Gulf of Thailand between Malaysia and Vietnam, 90 nautical miles northeast of Kota Bharu, Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777-200, Registration Number 9M-MRO, was last tracked at 1722 Zulu (1:22 am local), when it disappeared from radar contact officially at 1:38 am local time. Shown in red, yellow, and green, respectively, is Malaysian official highest, lowest, and median, respectively, probable MH370 search areas.





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