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Jan 202015

2783a35 - Top Ten Policy Priorities of the State of the Union

As the president loads up his State of the Union shopping cart with policies and plans for helping the middle class at checkout, what policies do Americans want Obama and Congress to prioritize in 2015?

With hopes of putting the GOP-controlled Congress defensively on its heels, the President signaled a number of proposals he plans to put forth, while focusing on a more optimistic stance on the nation’s economic growth and job creation, producing a drop in unemployment, saying last week during a trip to Iowa, ”I’m going to focus on how we can build on the progress we’ve already made and help more Americans feel that resurgence in their daily lives, with higher wages, and rising incomes and growing our middle class.”

However, a Pew Research Center survey conducted January 7-11. 2015 shows most folks in the middle continue to say they are ‘falling behind’ the cost of living, as 55 percent of families believe their income has diminished relative to the cost of living, compared to 57 percent a year ago in January 2014. Fewer families at 37 percent believe their income is staying about even in keeping up with the cost of living, compared to 34 percent a year ago at this time. Substantially far fewer families at 6 percent are optimistic about the economy to suggest their income is going up faster than the cost of living, compared to 7 percent of families having similar dismal sentiment about the income pinch they felt last year.

15c47ef - Top Ten Policy Priorities of the State of the Union

So, here are the top ten priorities Americans what Obama and the new Congress to focus their attention in getting something done in 2015.

According to the Pew Research Center’s policy priorities survey, 76 percent of people in the United States believe tackling terrorism should be the nation’s top priority this year.

“Topping the list for the first time in four years is terrorism, according to Pew’s list. Terrorism’s appearance for 2015 can be attributed to economic recovery of the nation in regards to unemployment and interest rates, as well as, persistent terrorist threats,” Statista’s Media Relations Manager, Niall McCarthy adds.

Despite a recovery being convey both in Washington and Wall Street, the economy is still an area of concern for Americans on Main Street, and 75 percent of them want President Obama to give it a lot more attention.

Job creation is a priority families are feeling inside their purses and pocketbooks, while they are trying to balance their checkbooks at the kitchen table each month, so it comes as little surprise that it resides squarely at number three with 67 percent of respondents expecting it to be prioritized by Obama and Congress in 2015.

Tied for third with Job Creation is Education with 67 percent of Americans want K-16 education to be a high priority of this new Congress and the President.

Mr. and Mrs. Obama hold a high personal regard and value on education and they see it as the key to their own life and career success. President Obama proposes that community college education alongside high school education be free and available to all who want to earn that post-secondary educational opportunity.

According to the American Council on Education, community colleges comprise the largest segment of the higher education market space. So, we can anticipate close scrutiny from higher education advocacy groups, regarding the federal budget details about this broad new education initiative inside the President’s Budget rolled out in the next couple of weeks.

1e4dbf5 - Top Ten Policy Priorities of the State of the Union

Rounding out American’s policy priority shopping cart is:

Social Security at 66% of respondents in the Pew Research Center study,

Budget Deficit and Healthcare Costs tied at 64%

Medicare at 61%

Reducing Crime at 57%

Poor and Needy at 55%

Of course, Washington gridlock is expected, notwithstanding, as both Obama and Congress know that something must be done, because the voters in November said ” Enough! We have had it with the both of you!”

2ff1534 - Top Ten Policy Priorities of the State of the Union

From ISIS to Immigration, and from Ebola to the Economy, Americans have sent a resounding message to Obama and Congress:

Enough already! Let’s get something done, right …


The latest policy proposal to be rolled out in the State of the Union came forth this past weekend, as the White House released the basic details of a $320 billion tax plan, “A Simpler, Fairer Tax Code That Responsibly Invests in Middle Class Families,” which raises taxes (including a 28 percent capital gains tax hike) on the wealthy to pay for the items inside the Obama shopping cart of initiatives.

Naturally, a January chill is in the air inside the halls of the new GOP-controlled Congress.

“As for Republicans, they were hoping for a President who would propose ideas with a chance of getting through the Congress – not what the GOP says are just political plans destined to go nowhere in 2015,” reports Jamie Dupree of WSB Radio in Atlanta, Georgia.

We can expect to get more of the budget details about these plans in two weeks, when the President’s budget is delivered to Congress on February 2.

Congressional Shift Right is the Birth of ‘Practical Conservatism.’

Rising support of ‘practical conservatism’ in America, signaled by the wide margin in the GOP Congressional victory in November, is a reaction of the American people to fiscally irresponsible actions of the federal government, misguided stimulus spending, bailouts and takeovers of private industry.

Practical conservatism is a blend of Republican and classical Libertarian ideals. But also, practical conservatism pulls in uneasy Democrats worried about the lack of full-time jobs available, the level of part-time jobs left (for 95 million folks out of work), the messy roll-out of healthcare reforms, the lack of financial options for sound borrowers under Dodd-Frank reforms, and the insecure attention forming a rational foreign policy for the nation.

Yahoo! News reports the GOP “managed to seize control of the Senate by picking up at least seven seats previously held by Democrats, a goal that has eluded Republicans since 2006.”

“The GOP also captured at least 14 House races, expanding its already sizable majority to at least 243 seats — the most it’s claimed since Harry Truman was president,” Yahoo! News’ writes.

He adds: “While a dizzying 14 gubernatorial races were tossups heading into November 4, almost all of them broke toward the GOP — meaning that Republican governors (including notably inside the Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois statehouses) will still vastly outnumber Democratic governors on Inauguration Day.”

To keep the system accountable and responsible with integrity and trust, the election of this new Congress was about enough with not getting something done inside all the Washington infighting and gridlock. The American voter is clearly saying, ask us about how we want health care reform, immigration reform, and Ebola crisis management, how we want our economy run, how we choose to have our government represent us in a global society that values free speech and freedom of all of the world’s seven religions, and what kinds of jobs we really want and need.


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